Top of the Funnel


For a long time, the Optimist team has been looking for ways to share knowledge and help connect those in our network and our expanded universe with opportunities for growth (and money).

The idea is nearly as old as our agency itself.

Like most teams, we’ve gotten busy with client work and operations (and team retreats) and it’s never come to fruition.

But, we haven’t lost sight of that goal. And with everything happening in the world right now, it feels like the perfect time to do our part to help build a little community and create opportunities for growth.

Introducing: Top of the Funnel.

Top of the Funnel is Optimist’s new growth community built for anyone who’s involved in content marketing, SEO, or inbound.

Top of the Funnel.

Get exclusive access to free educational content, workshops, work opportunities, and more.

Here’s what we’re hoping to do with Top of the Funnel:

Continuous Learning & Knowledge Share

Content marketing is always evolving.

For each new strategy, technique, or best practice, there are a million marketers who run the approach into the ground.

What worked last year might be worthless today.

So, keeping up with what works can feel like a constant treadmill.

We want to create space to learn from and teach each other, both informally and through structured education.

This includes:

  • Live and recorded Q&As with industry experts and thought leaders
  • Digital workshops on strategies, best practices, and day-to-day activities
  • Open discussion for sharing ideas and asking questions
  • Advanced access to articles and guides
  • Open networking

We already have a ton of content on deck for the upcoming months, with topics including:

  • Advanced on-page optimization factors
  • Freelance tax strategies
  • Creating better visual content
  • Managing time, energy, and mental health

Work & Collaboration Opportunities

In addition to helping each other learn and grow as professionals, we want Top of the Funnel to be a place for connection. We view it as an extension of the Optimist team and many members have applied to work with or worked with Optimist directly in the past.

We also know that many companies are actively looking to find and hire top-tier content marketing talent.

Top of the Funnel will be an outlet for Optimist, our clients, our network, and others to find work and source vetted talent.

We envision this community to be the go-to place for:

  • Community job listings
  • Project and work opportunities
  • Client and creative referrals
  • Optimist client work opportunities

In fact, Optimist will be sourcing talent directly from this community to join our core team for future client engagements.

At the end of the day, our goal is to create value for everyone who’s part of out network and the extended Optimist universe. We want to create a gathering place and training grounds for top-tier content marketing talent.

The community is open to writers, designers, strategists, analysts, managers, directors, and anyone else who wants to connect with the world’s smartest content marketing minds.

Whether you’re freelance, agency, or in-house, you’ll be a valuable addition to our community.

Join us, will you?

Top of the Funnel.

Get exclusive access to free educational content, workshops, work opportunities, and more.

Tyler Hakes

I’m the strategy director at Optimist. I’ve spent nearly 10 years helping startups, agencies, and corporate clients achieve growth through strategic content marketing and SEO.

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